, Dies Preview

by Gouge Away



The full thirteen-track album is now available at www.eighty-sixedrecords.com


released May 25, 2015

Daniel Colombo at Iceman Studios
Eighty-Sixed Records



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Gouge Away Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Track Name: Bleed
Keep your sweaty palms and eager fingers to yourself. Drown in your words like the bile they are. Fear me like a venomous snake. I want to make you shake. Fuck my knife.
Track Name: Calloused
I’ve got blisters on my feet
Trying to find a route around your mistreat
-mentally defeated
I’ve got blisters on my hands
And if you had to try you’d fail by your demands
I’ve got blisters on my hands.
Slashing the backpack straps
Slapping the forks from their hands
White collar bullies White collar swine
White collar fuckers with worms for spines
I’ve got blisters on my back
The sun is going to make me crack
Track Name: No White Flag
feat. Chris Evering

Oppressors, upholding a racist system
Choosing to forfeit their moral decisions
Not even a dilemma, not even a second thought
Besides what’s one more unarmed person getting shot?
Another word for “unarmed” is “target”
In the mind of a bigot.
We know who you’re protecting
We know who you’re targeting
Another killed by a fucking cop.
When Justice comes knocking at the door with a warrant,
you’ll be trembling behind the couch at your tyrant
Shooting through the windows and the doors until she’s lifeless
But she’ll never be lifeless
and she’s coming to remind you.
She’s coming for you
Denial – blood on your hands
Complicity – blood on your hands
Silence – blood on your hands
Neutrality – blood on your hands
Track Name: Enough.
Eyes like wolves hunting innocent prey
Seeking out victims to play in your game
Manipulate to fill inside where you've dug your own void
Memories are creeping, and stalking, and haunting
Unfriendly reminders of fiendish behaviors still
Fingertips drag across flesh
Like fragments chisel in a headstone
Invading the hairs on my skin
Crawling up the spine, consuming the mind
Doubting myself because I didn't fight or scream
Keeping your transgression buried underneath
I've done enough believing in the devil
That I forgot who he was after.
Selfish ways have become sadistic
I wasn't born to die a statistic
Silenced by shame, I've hid in secret
I wasn't born to die a statistic
Questioned what I should have done different
I wasn't born to die a statistic
This isn't my guilt to live with
I wasn't born to die a statistic
Track Name: Dirt Nap
I should be dripping
Counting down the hours til I’m dripping
I should be draining
Counting down the hours til I’m draining.
I know that I don’t need it
It just feels so good
Being so damn delicate
And coming so close.
I cant focus
I just want the control
To inhale wet soil
Feed fingernails to worms
I want roots to clutch the neck
Been practicing waiting patiently
When crawling to the door
Is like squeezing water from stone
A crater broke at the surface
I walked up to the edge
Careful not to fall in
I thought I was drowning but I already had